Getting on top of things

Thankfully, the temperature has dropped to a more manageable level of just below 20 degrees, making us feel far more inclined to tackle outdoor chores. Kevin cut the grass and hedges, while I waged war with the ever-present weeds. Anyway, over a couple of days, the place has acquired  the appearance of looking fairly well-managed. As well as weeding, I planted out my courgettes, pumpkin – which I’ve never grown before – kale, more fennel seed and a third row of carrot seed as my first sowing is showing poor germination, probably because of that very cold snap earlier. I also devised a new method of defense against bird damage. Rock Doves are our main problem; they’re just the posher antecedent of the pigeon with better P.R., but have an equal nuisance factor. They eat large amounts of our poultry feed – pooing in the dishes at the same time –  and the tender young leaves of my brassicas are a real treat apparently. I cover most seedlings and young plants as protection against various pests but now I’ve run out of covers so I’m trying the ‘Tin-foil on Garden String’ ploy in an attempt to startle the rapacious rock doves! The picture doesn’t show it very well, but the foil flutters and flashes over my more established plants. When there’s a breeze that is. But now there’s no breeze. GIVE ME A BREAK HERE!

And, literally getting on top of things – Lucky and Chance have decided to go broody, together of course, although I think that it’s only Lucky who’s serious. Unfortunately, they were only sitting on two eggs, so Kevin remedied that by sneaking in another four when they were out to feed and preen. We’ll see.

And while we’re on the subject of brooding, sorry, but I couldn’t resist giving you an update on our wee grand-brood!…


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4 Responses to “Getting on top of things”

  1. ceciliag Says:

    Smiley babies!!! and I heard that if you hang old DVD’s in the garden it frightens them off, in fact i must do some of that myself.. hard rock is best they say!!! c

  2. Gill Hulse Says:

    What a lovely pic of the babies, mine are a bit out of date now so good to see how they’ve changed!

    • garybuie01 Says:

      We’re meeting up with the New Family over in Fife in July, so they’ll have changed even more by then!
      P.S. Belated Happy Birthday Gill!

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