Do chickens mourn?

After being dislodged from two nests – one her own and one adopted duck nest – Brenda has a become a wee despondent shadow drifting within the garden.  So I guess that maybe they do.


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4 Responses to “Do chickens mourn?”

  1. ceciliag Says:

    Oh No, she certainly does look miserable,is there somewhere you can buy her a chicken and pop it under her at night, maybe somewhere safe from the others.. poor wee brenda.. such a sad wee chook.. c

    • garybuie01 Says:

      That’s not a bad idea but if she didn’t oblige, I don’t have a spare infra-red/brooder to bring it/them on ourselves. I’m hoping that her ‘episode’ is a bit like pseudo-pregancy in rodents and that after the allotted normal pregnancy length, their hormones re-boot, for want of a better expression, and normal life resumes. If this is the case with Brenda, early next week should see some improvement in her. In the past, she’s been known to have two broods, particularly if the first one was poor, so who knows, she may try again!

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