A calmer feel to the place

After being both thrilled and disappointed with the whole hatching business during the last couple of days, life at Garybuie now seems to be running on more of an even keel.  We’ve kept the muscovies in their enclosure until today, mainly to prevent MacRae hurtling around after Biggles – yup, he’s at it again! – scattering or possibly trampling the seven remaining ducklings. We opened one end of their enclosure today and the two mums took the opportunity to meet up with dad and have a family outing which centered around a puddle in the adjacent field. Huff was very happy to enjoy the company because he now sleeps alone in his bachelor pad and spends most of his days alone, standing guard at the muscovys’ gate. Of course he can always stir up trouble with MacRae if he gets fed up!

Our other new arrivals, the Aylesbury ducklings are doing well too. We were pleased that four out of the five eggs, kindly donated by our friend Jennifer, hatched successfully. We discarded one at day 10 as the embryo was undeveloped. Hopefully, there’ll be a couple of females among them who, in the future, will help MacRae to STAY FOCUSSED on his own kind!  Thanks again Jennifer!

The incubator has now been refilled with 18 hens’ eggs.


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6 Responses to “A calmer feel to the place”

  1. ceciliag Says:

    I have a ram who feels very much like your MacRae.. c

  2. Jennifer MacRae Says:

    My ducklings should be hatching this weekend so I’m sure between us both there should be some females.

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Thanks for yet another kind offer Jennifer. One of our ducklings seems significantly bigger than the others – hopefully a drake meaning good news on the girlie front! If so, I think one of them will have to be a Jenni!!

  3. Jennifer MacRae Says:

    At the moment I have three hatched and all the eggs have pitted….hope they are all out by Monday, Robert & I are off to Chelsea Flower Show! Kids know what they are doing though.

    • garybuie01 Says:

      I’m sure those surrogate duck parents will do a grand job! Wow, lucky you going to the flower show! Will we see major transformations in Bernisdale?!!

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