Nature’s balance

Yesterday, the weather was foul; gales and heavy rain. In several ways however, the inclement conditions were a blessing. Primarily, it forced Puff and Biggles to stay indoors with their new joint family, giving them chance to get strong and secondly, the Aylesbury ducks had a wonderful time foraging in the wet field after what’s been a fairly lengthy dry spell. But probably best of all, it gave Kevin and I the chance to indulge in a long, leisurely lunch with our  friends, taking up most of the day in fact! And then we had a lovely surprise waiting for us when we arrived home; the first of the Aylesbury eggs had hatched! As I write, we now have three of the wee guys and one is still making a bid for freedom from his eggy confines!

There’s been further excitement this afternoon too. The weather has much improved so Puff and Biggles finally emerged from their house with their ducklings in tow. Eight in total.

And then can you believe it? It must have been  15 minutes at the most after taking this picture that I only counted seven, checked inside their house and found one of them dead! It was still warm and soft with no visible signs of injury. Maybe it was sickly in some way but Mother Nature certainly has a way of slapping you down when things are going well! Equally upsetting was Mother Nature’s decision NOT to allow Brenda to become a Muscovy Mother. I’ll swear that she whispered in Biggles’ ear when Brenda was taking a break to stretch her legs, suggesting that all this inter-species parenting malarkey just isn’t the done thing and Hey Presto!…Biggles firmly put her webbed-foot down, preventing Brenda returning to the nest. (Of course, being nesting buddies, Puff had no part in the offensive) So, after much clucking and squawking, poor old Brenda gave up and the balance of things has certainly taken a negative swing, loosing all Puff’s eggs after all.


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2 Responses to “Nature’s balance”

  1. ceciliag Says:

    I saw a hen stand on one of its newly hatched chicks once and kill it, nothing I could do, it all happened in a moment, quite by mistake. It is just SO disappointing when that happens. And Poor Brenda. Ah well, they keep you on your toes! c

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Poor brenda indeed. Last night, at least she slept safely in the main coop but today she’s out and about all flffed up and doing her broody hen cluck. Like you say, keeps us on our toes!

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