A very brief introduction

Unfortunately, your introduction to Blind Pugh, one of our six-week-old chicks, is to be a very brief one. After moving them into one of the sheds within the garden a couple of days ago and restricting their wanderings with chicken wire until they know where home is, today was their first Free Ranging Day! We knew that this would be the big test for wee Blind Pugh, whose ears were his only method of locating his companions. Of course as soon as freedom was presented, the Seeing Five couldn’t contain their excitement, scuttling off to forage in new territory. We paid close attention to B.P. for several hours but it soon became apparent that his time was being spent listening for the others rather than feeding. He could scratch as much as he liked but how could he see what he’d unearthed? Seeing him alone and distressed like the picture was not a good thing, Mother Nature wouldn’t allow it, so neither could we.

The remaining five however, have been thoroughly enjoying their new-found freedom, from foraging around the compost heap…

…to finding tasty morsels under the bushes…

Anyway, after an upsetting morning, I took it out on THE WEEDS! Outside, to be fair, they aren’t too bad, probably because of the same dry, cold conditions which seemingly have affected the germination of the seeds which we want to grow, have also restricted weed growth. YIPEE! The polytunnel is a different story though. Nice and sheltered and damp – perfect for those uninvited guests!


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2 Responses to “A very brief introduction”

  1. ceciliag Says:

    How miserable for you and for the wee bird, maybe he will be happier in his hen house.. sadly your pics would not load for me, sometimes this happens i guess but i got the story. WP is doing odd things lately. have a lovely day though.. c

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Miserable is right Cecilia, but you know all about these things – it’s part of what we do.

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