Running smoothly

Things seem to be running fairly smoothly at Garybuie at the moment. There’s a reasonably steady stream of Bed and Breakfast guests, although some way off full speed yet. I can’t say that my mornings in the kitchen are running like clockwork yet but I feel that there’s some semblance of fluidity lurking somewhere close!

The Aylesbury duck eggs have about a week to go in the incubator and Biggles’ eggs are due to hatch this week. Puff and Broody Brenda are still nesting companions and the the Thurso nest thief is also sitting tight. Our first batch of chicks, at 6 weeks old, have now moved into the garden and yes, one of them is blind. I’ll introduce you to him soon.

The weather remains beautiful although temperatures are struggling to get into double figures and there have been some overnight frosts. Consequently, germination of seeds outdoors is slow although the spinach and beetroot seedlings have put in an appearance over the last couple of days. No sign of carrots or parsnips though. today I planted my young tumbling tomatoes into hanging baskets in the conservatory. They always smell wonderful for breakfast guests over the summer!


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