Plenty going on

We’ve had an interesting few days, in more ways than one,  since our return from our wee holiday. Business is starting to pick up now – April visitors to the glen are usually sporadic – but on Friday we had four young Americans who seemed thrilled with the place and were determined to visit many as many of the animal inhabitants as possible. Lambs were high on the list but they also enjoyed taking a peek at both muscovies on their nests and we  introduced them to our chicks of various ages. Needless to say, it was the younger, fluffier ones who got most of their attention!

Kristen, Trent, Amanda and Brad


Speaking of chicks, for the past two weeks we’ve provided a chicken-wire extension to the indoor accommodation of our first batch of birds who are now five weeks old. They’re obviously not particularly adventurous though as they’ve only made it into the great outdoors for the last three or four days. As you can see, they seem quite happy to be around pops and the hens, although maybe the presence chicken-wire gives them extra confidence. Curiously, one of this brood is possibly blind. Although its eyes are bright and clear, it tends to walk into things and appears to locate its companions by sound. Otherwise it’s thriving but we’ll have to keep an eye on it when we move them outside.

Still with our feathered friends, up until yesterday everything was going swimmingly with Garybuie’s breeding program; Aylesbury eggs in the incubator, both muscovies on the nest and all of the chicks doing well – even Blind Pugh! Last year, I told you about our method of enticing Broody Brenda to do her annual motherly thing where she would be safe from predators, using a box-within-a-box idea. It worked out well so we’ve repeated the process and sure enough, Brenda has fallen for that irresistible accommodation. Unfortunately, several of the other hens have also succumbed to its cosy delights. Which was fine, until Brenda decided to switch into Broody Mode resulting in queues of cross-legged hens determined to have a turn in the box! All in all, there was a lot of kerfuffling, much of it on our part and while we were attempting to cook Sunday lunch for friends, the end result being that Brenda has now moved in with Puff and her eggs and one of the Thurso Threesome has taken over the box-within-a-box! Who knows what the outcome will be but at least lunch turned out well and we even got to sit outside afterwards on a cloudless, windless day!


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3 Responses to “Plenty going on”

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  2. KristenMakes Says:

    We had such fun!!! Thanks so much for having us! I posted about your lovely B&B on my own blog. Beware, the post is a bit weird, as I wrote it from the point of view of my handmade jacket…

    • garybuie01 Says:

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it Kristen. It was so refreshing to have guests who wanted to enjoy the glen rather than dashing off to visit all the tourist hot spots! I’ll look in on your blog when chores are completed!

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