April shower

Just a quick entry on the blog today as the day has been a busy one. Slightly warmer this morning and hardly a breeze, so after B&B tasks I thought I’d plough on with the much hated painting of the conservatory! Later in the day there was a brief – and thankfully, light – April shower and I just had to stand and stare at the resulting rainbow for a while!

Also as the day wore on, it became more breezy, so much so that it was blowing the paint off my brush! A fine excuse for downing tools for another day if you ask me! It was nice to wander and check on our feathered friends instead. Biggles is still sitting tight and Puff has decided to settle too. However, I’m not convinced that she’s serious as she allows the occasional hen in with her to lay and her spells away from the nest seem a wee bit lengthy. I suspect that the minute when Biggles’ ducklings hatch, Puff will abandon her nest, just like she did last year with her first brood, and take up shared parental duties once again. We’ll see!

At three days old, our newest additions are also doing well…


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