Mixed blessings

MacRae and his Cherry B

The past 24 hours has certainly had its ups and downs. The day started very much on a down when Kevin discovered our remaining Cherry Valley duck dead. She’d spent all the previous day indoors, with walking being a problem. We didn’t think too much about it as she seemed bright enough and most of the ducks have developed limps to varying degrees at some time or other, probably because of the rough terrain around here. It would seem however, that our wee Cherry B had more than a sprained ankle. Poor MacRae. She was his favourite girl and he, along with Lucky and Chance, emerged from their house with less enthusiasm than usual.

But our cloud developed a silver lining in the shape of fellow fowl enthusiast and oftentimes visitor to Garybuie’s blog, Jennifer MacRae. I emailed to ask if she had any surplus ducks for our downhearted drake, but she didn’t. Instead she kindly donated five of her Aylesbury eggs, which we’ll incubate in a couple of days and hopefully produce some extra female company for MacRae. (No prizes for guessing where he came from!!!)

By the end of that particular 24 hours, Mother Nature stepped in with her own silver-lined cloud and allowed us to wake up to six new lives in the incubator!

Two of our six new lives

There are two more chicks busy hatching as I write!


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8 Responses to “Mixed blessings”

  1. macdiarmid Says:

    My Mr Duck is very amourous just now so here’s hoping that he produces results for you! Will be following the blog closely.

    • garybuie01 Says:

      OK I’m confused. Is this an undercover identity, or are you in fact someone who’s stolen Jennifer’s Mr. Duck?!!!

  2. Jennifer MacRae Says:

    Hope you have success with the duck eggs……my Mr Duck is certainly very very friendly with his girlfriends! Hopefully he will produce results! Will be watching the blog closely.

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Me too Jennifer! With the loss of Cherry B and the fact that Biggles is clucky (or quacky?), I’m worried that MacRae’s going to need counselling!!!

  3. ceciliag Says:

    How exciting, i have never had an incubator, maybe I should, writing as chicks hatch sounds desperately romantic! c

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Oh it’s wonderful playing at being a mother hen – or duck! I know that you’d just love to hear the chicks cheeping from inside the shell before they hatch Cecelia!

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