More of an outdoor day

Yesterday we said goodbye to our Easter guests, praising their enthusiasm for the island despite the wretched weather!  At least they could actually SEE the glen during breakfast and enjoyed the view of the ridge which they were completely unaware of on the previous morning because of thick mist. However, although there was an improvement in the weather, outdoor activities weren’t particularly appealing so we spent a fairly leisurely Easter Monday. I made some more cards, among other things, supervised by Wallace. Or maybe he was just wishing for me to open the laptop so that he could check his mail?

Anyway, today has been much better on the weather front, quite sunny but a cold northerly breeze which meant that it’s been a ‘keep moving day’! Outside I planted spinach and beetroot seeds, as well as peas. I also planted out the broad beans and sweetcorn, the latter in the polytunnel though. Skye’s not sweetcorn friendly outdoors, but we’ve raised some decent crops under cover.

Someone who doesn’t care about the weather is Biggles. She’s been sitting tight on her nest for a week now and I have to admit that it does look particularly cosy!

Of course all this broodiness means that she’s unavailable for MacRae’s passionate pursuits. That doesn’t stop Huff from policing the dastardly drake however!


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2 Responses to “More of an outdoor day”

  1. ceciliag Says:

    Biggles does look cosy, i could do with a bit of that today!! c

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Hopefully such a well-made nest will ensure good results, better than our current attempts at least. I’ve just candled our incubating hen eggs at day 17 and things aren’t looking great. Looks like we’re about to get another poor yield.

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