Ready for visitors

The weather has remained good these past few days, although considerably cooler. The problem is that we never know how long a dry spell will last, so it’s a case of running around like a headless chicken for a wee while until a list of priority tasks emerges from our sluggish, wintry brains! Should I be out planting or should I paint the conservatory? (The bane of my life) I’ve settled on a kind of rota system. Some painting, some planting, more painting….I HATE painting ’round all those windows, so can only tackle a bit at a time to preserve my sanity! Anyway, it’s coming on and I’ve spruced up the inside too, so everything is ship-shape for the arrival of any BandB visitors. Kevin, meanwhile, is painting the Old Church Roof before he tackles the whole exterior of the house. PLENTY of dry weather please Mother Nature!

Today has been more of an outdoor day, although only after completing some administrative chores for the BandB. I transferred peas and lettuce from seed trays into the polytunnel so that we can have some early crops and the broad beans have been put outside to get some fresh air!

The wee chicks are now about a week old and their primary feathers are well-developed.

Biggles has accumulated 10 eggs so far and today there’s an appearance of some down in the nest, usually a prelude to her sitting. Puff has finally got around to laying her first egg too!

Of course Biggles continues with her clandestine couplings with MacRae, with Huff seemingly powerless to do anything about it. So he and Puff are content to sit in the sun together like an old married couple, no doubt discussing the immoral behaviour of young ducks today!


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