Finally, signs of spring.

Biggles' eggs

The weather’s been glorious these past few days. Everyone seems to be walking with a spring in their step and a smile on their face. These kind of days are my favourite; warm, calm, only birdsong to hear and NO MIDGES! The Garybuie beasties have also sensed the change. MacRae is once more in hot pursuit of Biggles, who in turn usually succumbs to his desires – much to Huff’s disapproval! At least she’s come back into lay – the genetic content of her eggs being somewhat dubious – as have the white ducks. Nothing from Puff yet that we’ve found.

The warmer weather means that I have the kitchen door open when I’m working in there and one duck who’s certain not to miss such an open invitation is Lucky, always on the look-out for unattended cat food!

It’s been a joy to be back in the garden minus waterproofs and yesterday I reclaimed the polytunnel from the hens, getting things back into some kind of order and then today potting on geranium cuttings and planting lettuce, tomato and sweetcorn seeds. Lettuce, chillies, broad beans and peas which I planted before our ‘twin’ adventure are all sprouting now.

Re-claimed territory

Besides the fact that we move into British summertime tonight, one other undeniable sign of spring’s arrival is the hatching of our first chicks of the season! We’d put 20 eggs to incubate before our wee holiday and on day seven, all were fertile. While we were away, dad looked after all our beasties which included taking on the roll of mother hen, turning the eggs and maintaining humidity within the incubator. Imagine his disappointment – and ours – when after candling the eggs on our return, only SIX were viable! It has to be our worst result since we started. Poor dad worried it was his fault but we suspect that maybe it was too early in the season for the eggs to be in tip-top condition, the hens after all were still only laying sporadically at the time of selection.  Who knows? Now they’re  fully back in lay so we’ll put another batch in over the next couple of days. As I write, five chicks have hatched safely and the sixth can be heard cheeping inside the shell so hopefully it won’t be too far from making an appearance.



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