Return to the north

On Monday, we returned north after our visit south of the border. Now that I’m home and armed with the necessary equipment to download photos, I can give you a recap of our wee holiday. The weather for our journey south was abysmal, with mist and mizzle obscuring all the views, so sharing the grandeur of the highlands with you was not an option. Just to make us feel welcome on our return however, the weather was pretty much the same, although mean and moody had replaced featureless grey. Atmospheric is the term I like to use!

Heading to Lancashire,  from where we originated, meant a huge change in scenery; gently rolling moorland rather than the rugged beauty of the Highlands. For most of our break we stayed in a self-catering cottage at Cronkshaw Fold Farm on the West Pennine Moors – the same place where we stayed before Andy and Mary’s wedding a couple of years ago.

Of course the main reason for our trip was to see our twin grandchildren, Holly and Jake, for the first time. The new family spent some time with us on the farm and we visited them in their own home too, so lots of time for cuddles!




Matt and Sarah with their hands full!

Thankfully, the weather stayed dry all week so we managed to get out for a few walks with the new family, visiting some old haunts. It was a strange feeling covering the same ground as we did twenty-odd years ago when our own boys were small. Here are two pictures taken almost 29 years apart, with Matthew in the same spot but no doubt with vastly different thoughts going through his mind!

So all in all, we had a lovely time back in Lancashire with family, especially the two newest members! Thank goodness for Skype so that we can watch Holly and Jake grow until we meet them again.

A very happy Granny Skye!


P.S. This post has taken me two days to complete thanks to a VERY rude interuption by ‘The Beast’! More on that later!!!



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6 Responses to “Return to the north”

  1. Roman Says:

    Great twins,

    I wish nice nights 😉

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Thanks Roman, but I think that the nice nights are some way off yet! Glad we’re not going through all that again – one of the advantages to being grandparent and not parent!

  2. ceciliag Says:

    i am thrilled to get to see the babies and you do indeed look like a beautiful young granny, what a gorgeous place to visit too! c

  3. Teri Says:

    Oh, they are so beautiful!! Can’t wait to show this to Deane when he gets home next month!

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Yes they are Teri, but I guess that I’m a fairly biased granny! It was lovely to cuddle the wee mites after all these weeks.

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