Excitement (not) in the glen!

Now about that rude interruption….

Half way through posting my blog yesterday evening, I suddenly became aware of a distant roar. Maybe it was a tractor coming up the glen but no, the roar didn’t sound particularly mechanical. I thought I’d check at the front of the house anyway and en route I encountered ‘The Beast’ in a temper of demonic proportions! Looking through its glass doors was like staring into the bowels of Hades and the fact that the thermometer was somewhere in the ‘She’s gonna blow!’ region, it was time for drastic action! I closed the air supply off and was heartened when the flames seemed to subside slightly. Panic set in though when the flue began to glow an angry red and I knew that this was a problem needing two pairs of hands. And Kevin was at work.

Running through to dad’s place shouting, ‘The Beast’s on fire!’, he sprang into action, charging into the kitchen as fast as his slippers would carry him, ready to tackle an exploding crock-pot because as he later explained, he thought I’d said, ‘The beef’s on fire’!!! After introducing him to the real culprit, by now a flaming, glowing, roaring entity with a serious personality defect, we decided upon a two-pronged attack with a watering can and spray; the first to douse the flames and the second to cool the flue, which by then was threatening to spew flames where it joined with the stove.

All looked well briefly when the flames were quenched but on opening the doors, it became apparent that the fire was in the flue itself, sitting there like a seething, red-hot alien from an old Star Trek episode, poised for attack the minute we dropped our defenses. ‘For God’s sake Jim, I’m a B and B proprietor, not a Fireman!’ Time to call 999…

It was a relief to see those flashing blue lights coming up the glen I can tell you! Those guys – and a gal – soon had things under control, ‘The Beast’ and its hot temper being no match for their relentless attack. It would seem that as the iron brute laid dormant while we took our holiday, lumps of consolidated tar in the chimney became detached, blocking the flue and eventually catching fire when it was re-awakened. Thankfully there was no damage other than lots of soggy charcoal and tar clumps sitting in a disgruntled looking ‘ Beast’



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6 Responses to “Excitement (not) in the glen!”

  1. The Wild Wood Says:

    You certainly don’t lack excitement in the glen!

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Absolutely, but I prefer a more aaahhh, kind of excitement as in the hatching of chicks or ducklings, not the AAAArrghhh! variety caused by posessed beasts!!!

  2. Dorinha Says:

    I’m amazed I didn’t see or hear anything!!! Where was I ?????

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Who knows?!!! Good job you’re not a reporter Dorinha, no one would have any news to read!!!

  3. Teri Says:

    Oh my goodness!!! I am so thankful everything is OK!!!!

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Yes, and ‘The Beast’ has been retired for the summer now, sitting there in a black sulk! Good thing we didn’t provide that kind of excitement when you stayed at Garybuie!!!

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