What’s that bright thing in the sky?

There’s been a strange phenomenon in the sky over Skye today, a dazzling, bright light surrounded by the most awesome shade of blue! Mild too! Unfortunately we had the chore of the weekly shop to attend to in the morning but after lunch, staying indoors was not an option.

After several cases of aspergillosis in our chicks last year, I bought some anti-fungal/bacterial treatment for our various bird accommodations and gave the empty chicken coops, the wee box which Broody Brenda usually takes over and the brooders a good old spring-clean and scrub down. It’ll be the duck houses and layers’ coop’s turn when they’re mucked out in a couple of days. I didn’t feel particularly spring-like when planting seeds earlier this week, but today was a different matter, anticipating all the potential of another season. Putting twenty chicken eggs in the incubator rounded the day off nicely!


Hopefully we’ll have a good rate of success when hatching time comes around. I hope that the little guys will appreciate the  fungus-free brooders, even though they aren’t particularly pretty! Pretty isn’t always possible when re-cycling and as our brooders are a mish-mash of office furniture, a T.V. stand and a piece of kitchen work surface, it’s hardly surprising! I don’t think that the chicks will mind though as long as it’s warm.

Speaking of being warm, it has to be said that Wallace is still thoroughly enjoying his inheritance from Boris – fireside rug space!




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