Mist and buds

For the past few days, the view from any window has been the same; mist/mizzle with a stiff breeze just to enhance the miserable factor. Usually, when I plant my first seeds, I get all enthused about the imminence of Spring. Yesterday however, I planted up some seed trays of lettuce, chillies, broad beans and peas and didn’t feel in the least bit enthusiastic. It doesn’t help matters when I look out at the dilapidated veg plots which have usually been rotivated by now but ar currently just too wet to tackle. Hey ho.

Seemingly it’s not all gloom though, as when I was duck-feeding this afternoon, some small signs of encouragement did catch my eye…

Although wet, this winter has been mild so I’m just hoping that we don’t get a late spell of freezing which will shrivel all new greenery, especially the first tentative signs of life on the raspberry canes…


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