A good sign?

Wet and miserable today but one cheery sight was the first sign of some muscovy nest-building! Over the winter, if Puff and Biggles venture into the nesting boxes, it’s just to plonk themselves on top of the straw. Today however, there’s a definite nest shape, hopefully a good sign that some laying is going to occur in the not too distant future. We miss the duck eggs. No promising signs from the white ducks however!

There’s been some paper ‘stewing’ in water for the past three days, so Kevin thought he’d have a go at briquette making. They’re not particularly pretty but hopefully that won’t put ‘The Beast’ off the new dietary supplement! It’s too damp for this enterprise really and I’ll have to finish the drying process in the kitchen no doubt, but just a small number for now will determine whether said ‘Beast’ will turn its cast iron nose up at this new offering or not!


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