Wind chill, green issues and a wee surprise!

Temperatures took a nose-dive today and with a stiff north-westerly, the wind chill factor has played a big part in transforming zero degrees into something far less pleasant. There was a dusting of snow on the ridge this morning, the whole scene looking bleak. We’ve managed to avoid the worst of the weather here in the valley bottom with the snow and hail not sticking. There were of course several hidden, icy pockets…



Needless to say, it was a day for the hens to spend most of their time enjoying the polytunnel spa, sheltering under the Christmas tree – from imaginary blizzards perhaps?

MacRae and his girls persevered out in the open field most of the time but Huff ‘n’ Puff and Biggles took the less frigid option of sheltering in the lee of the house; the girls catching up on their beauty routine and Huff sheltering under a near-by bush.

After hurriedly mucking out the ducks, I made a bee-line for some indoor warmth. The wormery is up and running now but when I checked on the wee guys after thawing out, I noticed that three or four of them were out of the compost and investigating the wormery walls. Was this because there was something wrong among the peelings I wondered? So, out came the instructions and it did say that I should mix things up a wee bitty maybe once a week, as well as adding some shredded newspaper to make things less wet. So I did and sent the wandering worms back to work!

On the subject of green matters, I forgot to tell you that one of my birthday pressies, from Andy and Mary, was on the recycling theme too! It’s a briquette-making contraption which recycles paper by soaking and then subsequently compressing it for future burning. The question is though, will The Beast approve of such an addition to its diet next winter?

For a large part of the rest of the day, I’ve been continuing with my latest painting project. It’s going to be a wee gift for those twins when we eventually get to see them! The title is ‘Mothers and Babies’ and I thought it would be a small piece of the countryside to hang on the bedroom wall of those urban babes! There’s not much chance of the surprise being spoiled, as I suspect that Matt and Sarah have got more than enough on their hands and that reading this blog fell off the bottom of their ‘To Do’ list weeks ago!


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5 Responses to “Wind chill, green issues and a wee surprise!”

  1. ceciliag Says:

    I love your little paper brick maker, i want one too!! c

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Will ‘The Beast love it though! We have some paper soaking at the moment, although the instructions do say that summertime is best for drying the briquettes, taking about a week in a green house. It came via Amazon from a company called ‘eko-mania’.

  2. The Wild Wood Says:

    Just love you paper brick maker!

  3. The Wild Wood Says:

    Is the briquette maker used to start the heater only?

    • garybuie01 Says:

      No, looking at the instructions it seems that a few at a time are used – a bit like peats I guess. How long they will last I’ve no idea. I’ll let you know next winter when we have enough of them!

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