Big achievment and my new official title!

Huff achieved a long time ambition yesterday. He managed to fly onto his ladies’ regular perch on the wee bridge. It’s no mean feat for a duck of his dimensions I can tell you! The location of said perch is in quite a tight spot with privet bushes hampering a take-off which requires some considerable lift, a skill which Huff generally has trouble with. Anyway, he was VERY proud of himself and much huffing and tail-wagging ensued!

Puff, however, decided that the interloper took up too much room and promptly flew over to a nearby fence post!


Enough of ducks, let’s move on to my new official title! I received this as part of my birthday gift from Matt, Sarah and our new grandchildren the other day…

So, in my official capacity of ‘Granny Skye’, I think I’m allowed just one soppy scene!


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4 Responses to “Big achievment and my new official title!”

  1. Pat Says:

    Congratulation!! – Matthew, Sarah, Granny & Grandad Delaney – what beautiful twins to be cherished – another Hulse/Delaney generation!! Hope you are all well – sending ‘luv’ & best wishes from Salford – [second/third cousin] Pat & Hugh xxxx

  2. Teri Says:

    What sweet babies!!!!!! Soon enough they’ll be living up to their daddy’s T-shirt… “Super Speed”!! LOL

    Seeing ol’ Huff all pleased with himself brought a smile. I still remember him staring up at Puff sitting on the roof.

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