A walk in the glen

We’ve had a very sociable weekend, including belated Burn’s Night celebrations which I was going to tell you about today. However, we awoke to a beautiful, crisp day, so after scuttling around doing Monday morning chores, I thought I’d take you for a walk down the glen instead. Afterall, Burns has been dead for over 200 years so I don’t suppose the extra day will make much difference to him!

The glen road is just two miles long and Garybuie is pretty much in the middle. Usually we walk up the glen for two reasons;  when going that way, there are lovely views of the ridge and  secondly, most of the houses are in that direction so it’s the best chance of meeting someone for a chat! Anyway, it was a nice change to walk in the opposite direction and share the experience with you!

After watching the River Hinnisdal head off for the extra 1/2 mile to the sea, it’s time to turn back…

Glancing backwards

Back home


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2 Responses to “A walk in the glen”

  1. ceciliag Says:

    great walk, i love that telephone box in the long grass and thank you for the shot of a stile, I need john to make me a couple!! c

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