One of those days

After reading some fellow bloggers’ posts about seeds for spring and indeed seedlings in some cases (you know who you are!), I think I suffered a bout of over-excitement or possibly an early onset of spring fever, especially after my seed potatoes arrived at the weekend! However, after delving into my seed packets and checking the planting dates (February-March at the earliest), reality kicked in and reminded me that hey, we’re on the same latitude as Alaska here – the perfect antidote for spring fever! So I consoled myself by arranging my seed potatoes in egg cartons for chitting. (Charlotte as earlies, Desiree main crop)

I was also pleased to see that all my geranium cuttings are flourishing and the plants which I brought in to overwinter are producing plenty of new shoots.

To quash any further feelings of feverishness, today has been one of those days on the weather front.  All mist, drizzle and gloom, yesterday’s scene in danger of disappearing…

…so it became one of those days…

…one to be spent with a couple of Highlanders – no, not the kilted variety!


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2 Responses to “One of those days”

  1. ceciliag Says:

    AND you taught me a great trick, sitting the potatoes in egg cartons! Excellent thought! Your geraniums do look happy, do you plant them outside? Or in pots. I have only sown the seeds that take almost a month to germinate and grow slowly .. but it is so hard not to start playing with the other seeds, we have sun outside too!! c

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Glad to be of use! As for the geraniums, I plant them inside and out – in pots out of chickens’ reach! I’ve never grown geraniums from seed, just always taken cuttings of my favourite ones over the years. I particularly like them because they’re cheerful and don’t mind being dry – I’m an unreliable pot-waterer!
      P.S. Don’t even mention the ‘S’ word!

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