Same scene, different look.

It’s been a funny old day weather-wise in the glen today with conditions changing almost by the minute. We haven’t managed to reach 5 C but thankfully there’s been no wind so when the hail showers passed through, at least they were straight down rather than in your face! As you can see, we even managed the occasional sunshine with shower!

The following pictures of the ridge were taken within half an hour of each other…

Over the weekend there was an indoor scene which took on a different look too. Any readers last week may remember that I’d decided to have a go at drawing a picture of our first ducklings. Well, the drawing went O.K. but the minute I approached it with my BIG GREEN BRUSH, I felt an inevitable trip to the kitchen bin coming on! (Do worms dispose of failed watercolours I wonder?) Anyway, I carried on with the ducklings themselves and the painting ended  up not too bad in the scheme of things. (memo to self: Me+big brush+watercolour = disaster ; me+small brush+watercolour = potential – take heed!) Not to be defeated (or maybe I’m just a glutton for punishment) I decided to try the same scene in acrylics. My mum-in-law bought a set for me a couple of years ago and I’ve been threatening to do something with them ever since, so here was my chance! Now perfection it ain’t, but I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome and it’s encouraged me to use them again at least. All in all, I’m happiest with the acrylic painting.

 You might have noticed that the water dish is missing on the second painting. That’s because me+1st time using acrylics+painting water = way too big a challenge!


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2 Responses to “Same scene, different look.”

  1. ceciliag Says:

    I love the first painting, and those hills, wow.. unfortunately worms will eat your watercolours (after the shredder) but don’t throw it away! c

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