There’s hope, but then again…

Although the weather has deteriorated into yet more gales accompanied by some bouts of particularly aggressive hailstone, here are a couple of cheery sights to give us hope that spring and kinder weather are indeed not too far away…

Almost open!

Daffodil shoots

All your lovely comments about my Wallace drawing – thankyou –  have spurred me on and give me hope that I may have success in another venture! We’ll see. For better or for worse, I’ve decided to try a feathery subject this time – our first ducklings, hatched almost three years ago. Now, I can draw reasonably well when I put my mind to it, but a group of anything is generally something to avoid! I read a tip in a drawing book once which does make the task less daunting however. I used this method successfully with piglets, so thought that ducks – or more to the point, I – might benefit from the same treatment. Basically, scan the picture you want to draw, draw a grid over the picture then copy that grid – same size or scaled down – onto your paper. Hey presto! It’s then like drawing lots of small pictures to make one big one, just rub out the grid lines. I remember similar things in puzzle books as a child.

You may or may not see the result of this one!


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2 Responses to “There’s hope, but then again…”

  1. ceciliag Says:

    Well if that nasty weather keeps up it is at least good for art inside. though looks at your daffs are they daffs or jonquils.. lovely.. c

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Just daffs here at Garybuie Cecilia, or narcissi if we’re being posh! You got me curious though, so I did a wee bit of checking and from what I can gather, Jonquil is a name used mainly in America, although the plant did originate from southern europe – unless you (or anyone else)can tell me otherwise!

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