Good things at Garybuie!

The first good thing to arrive at Garybuie (well, the whole of the U.K. actually) is the first ridge of high pressure since I don’t remember when! Consequently, gone are the gales and seemingly constant rain, with colder, crisper conditions taking their place. Of course along with this high pressure come some sights not seen around the place for some considerable time.

Such as hens enjoying some winter sun…

…blue sky over the ridge…

…a shadow…

…ducks NOT having to hang on to their perch for dear life…

…and Hamie doing cat things OUTSIDE rather than causing trouble INSIDE…!

The second good thing is that today I received an award! It came via a fellow blogger over in the U.S.A and you can find her at It’s a great place to visit with some heartwarming stories and some stunning photography. And here’s the award!

apparently, liebster is german for ‘dearest’ or ‘favourite’. Now although I do read quite a few blogs, there are only a few which I visit most days and those particular few are well written, usually with some lovely photos  and obviously are concerned with subjects dear to my own heart. And so I would like to pass on The Liebster Blog award to two of my favourite blogs… – for  its wonderful world of donkeys (especially Bernard!) and other critters

AND – for her tales of travel, her love of life, the world and all that live in it.

I feel like we should get the Bubbly out or something!


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4 Responses to “Good things at Garybuie!”

  1. ceciliag Says:

    Lovely, thank you so much for passing this on because now I get to go and visit a few of your friends too!! I laughed at your shadow. My favourite shots are always these ones of a real life! Your chickens look as fat as mine!! c

  2. garybuie01 Says:

    I know what you mean about the chickens and their size is enhanced by new, pristine plumage which they’ve aquired fairly recently. Thank goodness because when the place is full of moulting, half naked chickens, I worry that people might think that they’re abused birds!

  3. soundarya ratna singh Says:

    beautiful blog……….

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