Re-charging batteries

Obviously if you’re trying to have a more eco-friendly life-style, then re-charging batteries is essential whenever possible. And that includes mine! Yes, we’ve reached that time of year: animals at low-level maintenance; vegetables still in their seed packets; all domestic/BandB cleaning and refurbishment complete; no guests until Easter; Christmas/New Year over with for another twelve months. The perfect time of year for dealing with those run-down batteries! Kevin sometimes has trouble with his re-charging as Tigger is seemingly his middle name, so he’ll always find some logs to chop, a hill or two to run up or anything  which looks as though it might need drilling or sawing! Eventually, he does manage to sit down with a book at the end of the day. As for me, I love this time of year with its short days and generally abysmal weather, perfect for reading and getting on with some drawing and painting.

I’ve been dabbling in the drawing thing for maybe about twelve years now and used to enjoy occasional days out with my mum-in-law, finding a nice spot in the countryside for some plein-air painting. Since we came to Skye however, I have much less time to indulge in any kind of artwork, especially the plein-air variety – it is Skye after all and any kind of watercolour would likely turn out to be all water and no colour! So, working indoors using photographs at this time of year works fine for me! I’d love to be good at landscapes, especially living somewhere like this, but I’m far too ‘tight’ in my approach for anything so grand – I use pen and ink with watercolour – so at most I do something within a particular landscape such as an old building, a couple of boats or maybe some rocks and plants. I got fed up with inanimate things though and over the past couple of years, off (mainly) and on (rarely), I’ve been trying my hand at animals, particularly as they’re an integral part of our lives here at Garybuie.

'Sheltering' - a painting I used for our 2011 Christmas card

So far I’ve drawn the odd sheep, (some of them very odd), Huff, piglets  and few disastrous chickens and highland cows! When I took this photo of Wallace, I just knew that it was to be my next challenge, so this weekend I made a start and so far, so good!  However, one of my specialities is to ruin an almost completed picture the minute I even threaten it with a paintbrush, so you may get so see the finished article, or maybe it will get shredded and fed to my worms!

A work in progress!

Ironically, I’m a person not usually known for my patience but for some reason, I find that drawing hundreds of orderly marks on a sheet of paper very relaxing! Maybe it’s the repetition of a simple process which allows my mind to wander and yes, re-charge, or maybe it’s OCD, or perhaps I’m a control freak…deary me, maybe I should see a psychologist! (Mary, help!) But when I do tire of dots and dashes, I can pick up a book and escape into a whole new world! Currently, anything that sucks blood or transforms into someting fierce and hairy does it for me although sometimes, something completely different sneaks in. Last season we had a writer, David Vann and his wife stay with us for a couple of days and since then I’ve read a couple of his books; Caribou Island and Legend of a Suicide – stories of love, relationships and misguided adventures. A book which I particularly enjoyed was one lent to me by a neighbour, ‘Silent Land’, by Graham Joyce


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2 Responses to “Re-charging batteries”

  1. Mary Delaney Says:

    Skype psychotherapy is the new ‘in’ thing you know…I’ll do you ‘mates rates’…! 😉

    Was Silent Land the book you recommended to me? I’ve just been on Amazon looking up ‘sound land’ and ‘south land’ and couldn’t remember what it was called. Then I thought, ‘I bet it’s on the blog’!

    Hope you are both well and The Beast is over it’s bad mood. x

    • garybuie01 Says:

      The Skype thing sounds like the way forward Mary! Yes, ‘Silent Land’ is the right book – it was the one which Sarah downloaded on her Kindle when you were here at Christmas and she was enjoying it.
      We are both well, as is THE BEAST today!
      Christine x
      P.S. I think I’m going to have to look into this Facebook thing, so be prepared for a phonecall!

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