New arrivals for the New Year.

Yesterday, we had some new arrivals at Garybuie! I can sense your rising excitement! Was it some…

…or perhaps some…

…or even some…

…or perhaps just one…

Nooooo… was some worms!

Okay, Okay, so I guess these wee beasties, Tiger worms in fact, may not be as cute and cuddly as you were probably hoping for, but all being well, these little guys are going to be a big asset at Garybuie. Kevin got me a wormery for Christmas which I was thrilled with – seriously – and yesterday the worms arrived in the post!

Composting is a very slow process out in the garden, perhaps due to the generally cool conditions on Skye, or maybe just because I’m doing it wrong! Either way, I got to thinking about a wormery after stumbling upon a blog by an enterprising young man at Anyway, he made the process sound both simple and interesting, in my case producing both liquid plant feed and eventually some wonderful compost! Of course he’s also told me that I must be patient! So yesterday I put together Garybuie’s new wormy enterprise…

No. 1 - place a single piece of newspaper approx. 8" square on raised base platform

No.2 - Put the supplied starter medium, mixed with a small amount of dampened, shredded newspaper, leaf mould and peat-free compost on top of the paper.


No. 3 - Add the all important worms!

No.4 - scatter 3-4 handsful of kitchen waste.

After leaving the lid open for 10 minutes so that the light would encourage the worms to dig into their new bedding, I closed it and there’ll be NO PEEKING for 7 days! Bet you’ll rush to put THAT date on your calendar!

As the wormery is self-contained and non-smelly – assuming that I do things right – it will live in the kitchen. Fortunately, I don’t posess one of those designer kitchens, you know, all flush fittings and polished granite work surfaces, so my sleek black and grey wormery looks just fine next to the fridge! There are 2 big advantages to having it in the kitchen. One is that the ambient temperature will be more constant, as all our outbuidings can get very cold, thus impeding worm activity. The other is that as kitchen waste originates in well, the kitchen, where I already have my kitchen scraps bin to hand, then it seems logical to replace that with the wormery. Also more importantly, why would I want to go running around outside in all weathers to dispose of a couple of handsful of veggie peelings in a drafty old out building?  Exactly!






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6 Responses to “New arrivals for the New Year.”

  1. ceciliag Says:

    I hear you about not having a designer kitchen and it should be fine in the winter in there .. in the summer the wormery can sit in a cool spot outside.. i AM actually excited for you.. I love my worms..and i MUST post about them again soon.. c

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Looking forward to reading about your worms Cecilia! I’m not too worried about it getting overly warm in the kitchen during the summer as it is north-facing and Skye after all! Of course, me getting hot and bothered cooking all those breakfasts again could significantly heat things up, in which case I’ll just pop the wee guys outside as you suggest!

  2. Seb Says:

    Is that really all the worms you got with that wormery

    I got a huge bagful with mine !!

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Actually I think they were camera-shy! There were lots of the little guys hiding in the starter medium – just far too wriggly to count! The instructions said that there would probably also be some worm eggs within the medium.

  3. Morning Bray Says:

    That is just too cool! I love the idea of having a wormery… how environmentally friendly – love it!

    • garybuie01 Says:

      We used to have pigs who helped enormously with left-overs. I guess we’ve just down-sized!!! Can’t wait until Thursday to check on the wee fellas!

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