Brief respite

There’s been a brief respite in the atrocious weather conditions today. We awoke this morning to a strange and recently rare, blue hue to the sky, with the greens and russets of the landscape once more in evidence! As tomorrow is supposed to return to the more usual wet and windy, Kevin suggested that we go out for a picnic. Neist Point was the choice, the most westerly tip of Skye. As ever the scenery was spectacular but with a particularly stiff wind which didn’t encourage any hanging around! We managed to find a sheltered spot down on the rugged, black basalt shore for our picnic, where we just enjoyed the sights and sounds surrounding us. It was too windy to get a photo of the Point from the more usual, dramatic angle, so the first picture is from a previous visit, just in case you missed it on that occasion!

picnic spot

Neist lighthouse

Now sheep aren’t generally known for their entertainment value, although admittedly I did have a pet lamb once who had the occasional moment, but on our way back up from the Point, we watched a flock of sheep whose antics made us smile! As if under some kind of silent instruction, a flock of maybe 100 animals suddenly started heading in the same direction towards the steep path to the top of the cliff. Had the dinner bell rung? Was there a sheep council meeting about to begin? They were certainly in no rush, forming an orderly queue all the way…

As we brought up the rear, we soon learned that the reason for the sheep’s sudden migration was apparently nothing more than that the top of the hill was bathed in sunlight, whereas the lower slopes were becoming shaded by the great craggy outcrop of Neist Point as the sun began to set.  Who said that sheep were dumb?

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2 Responses to “Brief respite”

  1. Gill Hulse Says:

    That is just amazing – what a sight!

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