Company in the garden

It was a beautiful morning today, so I thought I’d get into the garden to do some general tidying up before the rain returns. As we’ve had such a lot of wet weather this past month, I’ve opened up the polytunnel now that everything in there has finished, so that the hens – and Snowball of course – can take advantage of the only dry earth around for some essential dust bathing. A winter spa for chickens I suppose! They certainly know how to make a mess. It only takes a good sweeping to get back in order for next season though and of course, they’re adding their own brand of fertilizer as they go!

Winter Spa

The Thurso Threesome didn’t go for the mixed bathing thing, but one of them did get as far as the door…

'Do I need a bating suit?'

The Thurso Threesome are  very curious birds and certainly aren’t shy. All three followed me while I was carrying out garden chores and one decided that a hand-fed snack was just the thing! Some of the muscovy ducklings also thought it was just the thing but couldn’t quite pluck up the courage…

'Do you think WE could do that girls?'

'Maybe we could just pick up what she drops, much less risky I think!'

'Maybe next time girls'


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