Mealtime madness!

I enjoy giving our ducks,  both Aylesburys and muscovies, a wee treat at tea time and the Aylesburys,
headed by MacRae of course, always show great enthusiasm, no matter how
far they have to run! I thought I’d share this daily routine but
unfortunately, today, a small splinter group of Muscovies, Huff’n’Puff +
duckling, were in the wrong place when their dish was served and Puff
wrongly assumed that the opposition were tucking into her treats! Puff is not a large duck
and usually mild-mannered, but that didn’t stop her from attacking MacRae,
showing such ferocity that I had to abandon the video to rescue the poor
chap! Matters weren’t helped by Huff who was happy to wag his tail and
huff his encouragement on the sidelines!

Huff’s support obviously seriously impressed Puff because after a couple of nights sleeping alone – after Kevin dispatched the ‘matching pair’ who shared his temporary accommodation – she welcomed him back into his own home along with all the family. Unfortunately, Biggles wasn’t of the same opinion and after two nights with the new arrangement, he’s back on his lonesome! At least he gets to hang around with the family during the day which results in lots of wagging!




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