End of season

On Saturday morning we said farewell to our last guests of the season, Teri and Dean from the U.S.A. They stayed with us for one night en route to the Outer Hebrides with their guide, Dave, from Cameron tours. (www.camerontoursofscotland.co.uk) We enjoyed their company and also enjoyed taking them around the garden on the morning of their departure to meet all the characters at Garybuie, who Teri had read about on the blog. Teri has her own blog at www.teri-gonewalkabout2.blogspot.com which I really enjoyed reading.

Teri and Dean with Dave, the guide, in the background

We had contemplated remaining open during October but rapidly shortening days and sporadic bookings, resulting in food wastage, made us indecisive. However, when Kevin did a quick check on how many bookings we’ve taken this season, the discovery that I’ve cooked just short of 600 breakfasts immediately transformed me into an extremely decisive person! No more ‘eau de grilled sausage’ for me until next year!

Because of us having such a busy summer, we’ve had little opportunity to get out and about, so when yesterday had the look of a very fine day, Kevin suggested that we should get on the bike and head for the mainland for some lunch. It was a beautiful, warm day and the scenery was spectacular, with  pin-sharp clarity and vibrant autumn colours.

View over Lochcarron

Returning to Skye


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4 Responses to “End of season”

  1. Teri Says:

    We had a wonderful stay with you! The photo I took of Huff looking up at Puff on the roof turned out so funny! The look on his face is like “Girl… what are you doing up there??”

    Deane and I are still catching up at home from all the things that didn’t get done while we traveled. I’ve started blogging the trip… it will take about a week for me to get to our Skye adventures.

    I’m taking in my beautiful artwork from you to be framed and look forward to hanging it in our home.

    • garybuie01 Says:

      And we enjoyed your company too! I’ve visited your blog on several occasions since your stay and thoroughly enjoyed your photographs in particular. I shall now read all about your travels and look forward to reading – and seeing – your views on Skye. Maybe Huff and Puff will make an appearance?

  2. ceciliag Says:

    Your views are stunning! and that many breakfasts deserves a medal! c

    • garybuie01 Says:

      I guess we have a few more ‘lumps’ on our horizon than yours! They certainly make for interesting weather and an ever-changing scenery. As for the breakfasts, don’t remind me!

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