A dreich day

Dreich – a good Scottish word to describe  miserable, dreary, wet weather and today fits the bill exactly – particularly the wet part! It’s coming up to 6.00p.m. now and hasn’t stopped raining since 6.00a.m. The human inhabitants of Garybuie have had an indoor day, apart from Kevin that is, who went for his usual run o’er the hills, looking like the proverbial drowned rat on his return. The cats have been indoors too, Hamie making a nuisance of herself with all that pent-up energy and our feathered friends have had their own ways of dealing with the downpour….

Couldn't be better weather for MacRae and his ladies


The muscovy family opting for the more sheltered bathing facilities of the drainage ditch, with Biggles on 'coast guard' duty....


...while Puff looks on from slightly drier land


It's any port in a storm for the chickens however, such as under the hedge...


...or in the shed.


But in my opinion, Huff had the best idea by far….

...go back to bed!


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