New resident at Garybuie.

Wednesday saw the arrival of a new, permanent resident at Garybuie and for a change, not the usual feathered kind! My dad has come to join us here on Skye and is now living in what was our self-catering apartment. Kevin drove south of the border to collect him, travelling through the remnants of the latest hurricane from America. Fortunately the van he was driving remained upright, unlike some other vehicles which he saw en route. At least on the return journey, the van was packed to the gunwales and held firmly on the road by the weight of fifty-three years’ worth of accumulated ‘collectables’! Anyway, after a couple of days, he’s got the place looking like home and those ‘collectables’ will be dealt with one way or another over the coming winter months. Hopefully. Or maybe a really big garage sale is in order!

Dad and me



2 Responses to “New resident at Garybuie.”

  1. Dorinha Says:

    Welcome to the glen Tony!!!!

  2. garybuie01 Says:

    Thank you for your welcome and see you on ‘spud pie’ night!


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