Poor old Boris, he just doesn’t get the respect he deserves
in his twilight years! He likes nothing better than to curl up and rest his old
bones for the day in his favourite chair in the conservatory, but when Hamie decides that the chair is actually HER favourite after all, age certainly doesn’t
come before beauty! Consequently, the battle for the chair – and of wills – begins…

Pretending to be Boris’s best friend and jumping up to join him on the disputed piece of furniture is her initial strategy, no doubt
relying on his gentlemanly nature to sacrifice his comfort for a lady.

Battle of wills

But in his declining years, Boris is disinclined to fall for any feline flattery and refuses to be dislodged from his favourite spot.
Warring wills result in exhaustion and sleep eventually claims them both, no
matter how cramped the conditions!

dreaming up plans!

No doubt Hamie dreams of her follow-up strategy, which obviously works on awakening because before you can say, “cat-nap”, Boris is sharing the
much roomier sofa with Wallace…

New place for old bones

…and Hamie has plenty of space for her beauty routine!

Beauty before age!



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