Feeling in control!

Since September put in an appearance, things at Garybuie have less of a frantic feel about them, apart from the twin news of course! We’re back to two rooms for B&B – a BIG improvement – as the self-catering apartment is currently being used for its intended purpose. Also there is a general decline in visitor numbers on the island, meaning that we’re no longer full every night. Today in particular, for some reason, we both had that feeling of being in control once more, where chores get done at a reasonable pace rather than always seeming to be chasing our tails!

Mr. Bean

Kevin has taken the opportunity to do some serious harvesting as we’ve had some bumper pea and broad bean crops this year, the best ever. Also the rowan tree in the garden looks glorious with its inumerable clusters of scarlet berries, perfect for making rowan jelly which I use a lot in venison dishes.

Perfect with venison

The overall atmosphere in the garden is somewhat calmer too, now that MacRae is on his best behaviour – most of the time – and it’s lovely to be visited by Lucky and Chance once more. Of course Lucky isn’t shy when the kitchen door is open and she certainly hasn’t forgotten the delights of left-over cat food! Chance is more reserved and prefers just to watch proceedings from a safe distance! (Safe because whenever Lucky makes her appearance in the kitchen, I can’t resist picking her up and having a much missed cuddle, NOT Chance’s scene!)

Quick snack

Safe distance

After a very pleasant day, we were rewarded by a spectacular reflected sunset at the top of the glen. My photographs certainly don’t do it justice, but it’s the only way that I can share it with you…


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