Excuses, excuses…

So now for the list of excuses for being neglectful of Garybuie’s blog! First and foremost it has to be the holiday season.
As I’ve mentioned previously, things have been hectic on the B&B front and August is notoriously busy on Skye, with a huge
influx of visitors from the continent. Not only is Garybuie filled to capacity but on many occasions, evening time is when
our doorbell is put to good use by visitors in search of last-minute vacancies. Most of the time we can accommodate people
within our small circle of fellow B&Bers which is great, but phone calls and provision of directions to their bed for the
night seriously eats into blogging time!
If I think about it hard enough, I’m sure that I can also hold our visitors responsible for my next excuse! This season, more
and more of our guests have been asking if we have WiFi, laptops being just as familiar a sight as suitcases these days.
So, in an effort to keep up with the demands of tourism, we are now ‘WiFi enabled’ – or whatever the term might be – and
as a result of that, we’ve invested in a laptop which currently resides on the dining room table, where in theory it’s more
easily accessible than ‘mission control’ in Kevin’s office. Also, it’s theoretically possible for me to write my blog at
anytime, rather than waiting for Kevin to relinquish the master mouse!
You may have noticed the word ‘theory’ being used quite frequently in the last paragraph. ‘Reality’ on the other hand is a
whole different concept!  In today’s technical world, it goes without saying that of course the laptop does everything in a
different way to the trusty PC, which for a technical numpty like me = a very time-consuming learning period = less time for
updating the blog.

New arrivals

Anyway, enough of excuses! Of course the most recent piece of excitement at Garybuie was not the arrival of the laptop, but that of fourteen muscovy ducklings! Needless to say we’ve been keeping an eye out for the killer crow. Fortunately, we’ve had no sight of it and a week down the line, all of the mini muscovies are still with us and doing well. Readers of a squeamish nature should now move rapidly to the ‘veggie friendly’ section of the blog as news of our first brood of muscovy ducklings doesn’t rate well in the cute department! Both drakes are now in the freezer, although the females have been given a slight reprieve as they are company for Huff who has once again been banished from his own home by protective mums, Puff and Biggles! They have also recently discovered the power of flight and Huff seems particularly pleased when one of them visits him on his roof ridge!






A flying visit



Boris determined not to share!


Another couple of characters taking up freezer space are, with some sadness, Clueless and Hopeless, the chickens. They hadn’t gained any foraging skills, only eating what was put in a dish for them. Consequently, their diet was lacking in variety, they had little exercise and I suspect insufficient grit to aid digestion and get the most out of their food. All in all, they were a good third smaller than the rest of their fellow brood members. Curiously the one food source which they did manage to find for themselves belonged to the cats! They were a labour intensive duo and basically if we weren’t around to feed them, they didn’t eat – hardly conducive for a long and happy life! Consequently the decision for dispatch was taken and even though they were eleven weeks old, when they were plucked, they looked more like pigeons than poussin!






We’re starting to reap the rewards of all the hard work in the vegetable plots. One of our favourite lunches recently has been broad beans with pancetta on toast and the beetroot and cumin soup with spicy yogurt was a pleasant surprise, particularly for Kevin who’s had a poor relationship with beetroot up until recently. The broccoli is also doing really well and cooked with chorizo and served with a halved, soft-ish boiled duck egg is a marriage made in heaven! All three of these seasonal vegetable dishes are courtesy of Hugh Fearnly-Whittingstall, of whom I’m a great fan!


Just need the toast!










beetroot and cumin




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