No clue, no hope, plenty of veg!

A week down the line and Clueless and Hopeless are well, still clueless and hopeless! I even took them into the veg plot while I was weeding (again) the other day, in the hope that they might get excited as I disturbed the earth. All the other chickens would have thought it was Christmas if they’d had an invite! But after some general banging of beaks into the soil, I never saw them actually pick anything up. They soon got fed up with that particular activity and just hung around in the cabbages looking gormless! It’s as though they know all the right moves but just can’t apply them to achieve anything useful. The other day I caught them both demonstrating perfect dust bathing techniques, the only problem being that they were in the middle of the lawn with not a speck of dust in sight!

Charming the guests

Even though they are both particularly bird-brained, they are certainly not without charm. They are very tame and affectionate which makes them a real hit with some of our visitors. They seemed to be particularly fond of Celine, one of our young French guests this week…

Making friends!

Aside from chickens and guests, we’ve been busy in the garden this week while the weather has been good. Just a case of keeping on top of the usual suspects really – hedges, grass and weeds. The veg plot is looking good at the moment and I’ve been able to remove most of the protective netting as Kevin has increased the height of the fence by three feet to prevent the chickens from flying over and scratching everything up. We had a high fence previously for the same reason but then removed it as it’s not an overly attractive feature.  Anyway, a slightly less attractive view from the kitchen window is preferable to vandalized veg!

Mid-season tidy-up

I also had a bit of a tidy-up in the polytunnel, removing the spent pea plants and you’ve guessed it, WEEDING! All the salad stuff is doing OK, apart from the cucumbers which are slow. The sweet corn is looking good too.


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