A day in the life of Boris…


Boris is getting on in years now and I can’t decide whether his expression is one of untold wisdom, or merely that his eyebrows have just become too heavy! However, old or not, he’s quite an affectionate  character and is popular with most of our guests.

Although he’s in his twilight years, he still leads a full and active life as you can see…







…early morning and he can hardly contain his excitement in anticipation of the cat flap being opened and breakfast being served…


Eating is probably his favourite pastime and one that he pursues with enthusiasm, applying the same enthusiasm to the other cats’ food too given the opportunity!


Of course after a good meal a nice snooze is always a good idea…

Cat nap

…which is essential for subsequent guarding of the territory…

On guard

…which in itself is exhausting…

40 winks

All this activity produces quite a thirst, so no dainty water dishes for Boris. He prefers the much grander scale of the old pigs’ dish, although unlike James Bond, Boris prefers his drink stirred, not shaken…

Stirred not shaken

On a wet day, guard duty can even take place under cover – a pity those duck pellets couldn’t be a wee bit more appetizing….

Sentry box

And what better way to end such an action packed day, than some serious snoozing on someone’s lap – after a hearty supper of course!




2 Responses to “A day in the life of Boris…”

  1. Gill Hulse Says:

    Christine – you are a gem!!! Haven’t laughed so much in ages, Boris certainly has a good life, what a character!! He reminds me a bit of my cat, Barney, who was laid back but not as much as Boris. Brilliant piece – what a star!

    Gillian xx

  2. garybuie01 Says:

    Glad he made you smile Gill! Actually I should have mentioned that although he looks extremely peaceful while he snoozes, there’s no peace for the rest of us as we have to put up with the accompanying SNORING!

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