Summer jaunt and jam!

By Friday last week we had no bookings for Saturday and as the weather forecast for the weekend was good, Kevin suggested that we take a wee jaunt on the bike. It didn’t take him long to persuade me and so Oban, south of Fort William, became our destination.

Not a sausage in sight!

Lorne is the name of the traditional square, skinless beef sausage in Scotland, so you’ll understand my concern when Kevin announced that the B&B he’d booked us in to had the somewhat unappealing name of ‘Lorne View’! You can imagine the kind of weird images which sprang to mind! Our fears of overlooking the local sausage factory were soon dispelled on our arrival though, as apparently the stretch of water on which the harbour of Oban sits shares its name with the aforementioned Scottish breakfast ingredient! In fact, as you can see, ‘Lorne View’ was a particularly lovely one!

The costal route down to Oban was beautiful and at the end of our perfect journey we enjoyed a superb meal at the seafood restaurant on the harbour and afterward actually SAT OUTSIDE – an evening pastime unheard of at Garybuie because of the dreaded midge – with a glass of wine or two, watching the world go by along with the colourful fishing boats moored there. I really felt as though I was on holiday!

En route to Oban

That holiday feeling!

River, Glen Orchy

The weather on the following day was perfect so Kevin decided on the longer route home via Glen Orchy and the spectacular Glen Coe, which I don’t think I’ve ever seen with such pin-sharp clarity.

We were straight back into our own B&B routine when we got home, certainly without any lorne in view! (We stick to the more usual pork or Cumberland sausage here, as our guests always regard lorne with deep suspicion and consequently have nothing to do with it whatsoever!)

This spell of decent weather certainly has its plus points and not just from a motorcycling point of view. Finally our soft fruit is well, coming to fruition! Kevin’s been out there, busy harvesting these past few days and today I made our first batches of blackcurrant and raspberry jams. Guess what will be on the breakfast tables tomorrow!

Blackcurrant jam


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4 Responses to “Summer jaunt and jam!”

  1. frmikeop Says:

    Hello, Christine and Kevin! I just wanted to thank you again for offering my sister, Barb, and I such wonderful hospitality. We stayed at some wonderful B&Bs during our holiday, but we both agreed Garybuie was our favorite. I am glad you had the opportunity to enjoy beautiful weather on Saturday. We missed each other at Castle Stalker by a day! On Saturday we attended the Highland games at Luss, in Argyllshire, and had a wonderful time. I’m home now, in Tucson, where it’s hot and humid (40+ C), but am leaving in 5 minutes with Barb to our nephew’s wedding in San Diego, where it will be cool and sunny!

    Hope you have a great holiday season, filled with grateful visitors. Do you have a posting on TripAdvisor? If so, I’d like to leave a comment there.

    Fr. Mike

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Hello Michael!
      How lovely to hear from you. We feel very honoured that we were your favourite B&B. Being such pleasant and cheerful guests obviously brought out the best in us! No, we don’t have a posting on TripAdvisor as I don’t know how you go about getting one!
      I can’t believe we missed each other by only a day at Castle Stalker, it would have been really nice to meet up again. Anyway, we’re glad that you enjoyed the rest of your holiday and that you both got home safely. Rather you than me with the 40+ though – it’s pouring down here today, so somewhat cooler. Hope that everything went well at the wedding. Did you perform the ceremony?
      Must go now and prepare to greet more guests!
      Our warmest wishes,
      Christine & Kevin

  2. Gill Hulse Says:

    Looks like you had another beautiful ‘away day’ – I’m even more jealous now! Thanks for the email Kevin, can’t seem able to reply via aol today – want me to complete a quiz first! Anyway, will keep up-to-date via the blog!
    Lots of love, Gill xx

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Sorry Gill! Don’t worry, you won’t need to be jealous for a while now as our next day off isn’t until mid August! We might get the odd ‘3 hour’ holiday meantime though, when we hop – did I say ‘hop’?!!! – on the bike with our butties and find a quiet spot on Skye.
      Christine x

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