Feeling smug

I have to say that I’m feeling rather smug today as after two afternoons of very hard work, I’ve managed to complete the weeding of both vegetable plots. They’re now looking quite smart and finally the plants are reaching a significant size, particularly the earlier planted brassicas, parsnips, carrots, broad beans and peas, all of which look robust enough to compete with any remaining weedy neighbours!

Brassicas and potatoes

neat and tidy

gardeners' - and everybody else's - nightmare!

Of course it’s not just adverse weather conditions on Skye which make gardening tasks difficult, unpleasant or both. Just when the sun finally makes an appearance and I get all enthusiastic about launching into an intensive care program of all growing things, enter THE MIDGE! Here’s the wee beastie on the left and believe me if they were that big, life would be simple as at least you would be able to SEE the enemy and swat them out of existence. But oh no, these things are barely 2 mm in length and the only way of seeing them is because they congregate in large numbers, their collective intent being to invade ears, eyes, hair, up trouser legs, below tee-shirt necklines and under watch straps!  Yes they bite, but it’s the aggravation factor which is the real pain. And guess what, they lurk just below the surface of the soil, waiting to spew forth should any gardener dare to disturb  weeds  by hand or by hoe! However, the good news is that they don’t like bright sunshine, a stiff breeze or heavy rain. Well, that  simplifies thing then!

Anyway, enough of pests, both the weedy and the toothsome because despite their efforts to drive us out of  the garden, it’s still a thrill to see all our veg doing well, oh,  and the fruit is  ripening too!






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