Night off

A couple of months ago, when we saw the diary filling up fast, we decided to block a few days off during the season for the purpose of recharging our batteries. Sunday was our first such night off and Kevin had booked us an overnight stay in Aviemore in the Cairngorms. The weather was particularly good so out came the bike/panniers/helmets and we had a superb journey both there and back. Although surrounded by spectacular scenery, Aviemore itself isn’t much to write home about, although I’m sure that winter skiers may disagree. We did however find a great restaurant which served a perfect steak. ‘Pappa Rock’ has been open for just a year and is family run. The place is decorated with vintage motorbikes and vinyl records, the music being of the 60s and 70s. A memorable evening! The service was great too so check the place out at   if you’re ever within the environs of the Cairngorm National Park.

Fort Augustus

On our journey home, we travelled down the less well known side of Loch Ness, a route we haven’t tried before. The scenery was unexpected with huge swathes of forest, both coniferous and deciduous, planted and natural with some characterful old properties dotted throughout. The road terminated in Fort Augustus, another place we haven’t seen before. Approaching the next village of Invermoriston from the opposite direction than we usually do, meant that we had the opportunity to see some lovely old bridges and waterfalls. We sometimes pass through this village en route to Inverness and usually stop for a coffee or to use the loo. We found it incredible that just fifty meters away from our usual parking place is such a beautiful spot and we’ve never seen it! We even saw a huge salmon jumping!

Previously missed scene




We even took time out to visit a very popular tourist spot which we always just drive by, the very scenic Eilean Donan castle. Admittedly we didn’t actually go into the castle as time was getting on, but we did enjoy afternoon tea and the view was stunning.

Eilean Donan castle


Our night off was over all too quickly and we were back into the B&B routine almost as soon as we returned. The following morning however, I was treated to a view of the ridge at the head of the glen looking particularly beautiful. It made breakfast preparations all the more enjoyable!

The ridge


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2 Responses to “Night off”

  1. Gill Hulse Says:

    How I love to read your blog – it cheers me up no end but makes me really envious!!! How lucky are you two.
    Keep it up…..

    Lots of love, Gillian

  2. garybuie01 Says:

    Glad you’re still enjoying it Gill, haven’t heard from you for a while! We’ve got our second night of – WOW! – in a couple of weeks and Kevin’s already got the map book out. Who knows where we’ll stay but I suspect that cheap and cheerful will be the main criteria!

    Christine x

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