Special guests and a summer stroll…

Ellen and Heather

The bed and breakfast season is in full swing now, we’re full every night and I seem to have acquired a summer perfume of ‘eau de grilled sausage’! It’s lovely to meet new people from all over the world and some make a particular impression. These two ladies are mum and daughter, Ellen and Heather, from Australia. It seems that Ellen has been passionate about Scotland for most of her life – hence her daughter’s name – but she’s had to get to her 88th year before she’s managed to get here! They were a really happy pair and seemed to enjoy things to the full, particularly a hearty breakfast! For such a small lady, Ellen had no problem disposing of a full Scottish breakfast and it was a joy to see!

Because of things being so busy, I’ve found myself struggling to tackle the blog this week. So, as a picture seemingly paints a thousand words, a movie should be just the thing to show how things are progressing at Garybuie and still leave me time to iron the sheets, especially as I can only type with one finger!  So, please accompany me on a summer stroll…


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