Gales, rain and continuing crow troubles.

New security system

Apologies for a blogless week but honestly, the weather has been so awful that all but essential outdoor activities have been curtailed and consequently, there’s been little to report. We’ve been busy indoors however with holiday visitors, although I’ve lost count of how many times we’ve apologised for the weather – why is it that we somehow feel responsible? It must come with the whole B&B thing I guess, trying to provide a comfortable bed, warm welcome, good breakfast, helpful suggestions of places to visit and GOOD WEATHER! Apparently the rainfall has been double what it usually is in May, the most recorded since early last century! And as for the wind, it’s more like November and we’re back to wearing fleeces!

Of course the weather hasn’t been the only bad thing this week, the killer crow is still a frequent visitor to the environs of Garybuie and despite our efforts of ‘net, bag and stick’ security system, Kevin caught the culprit in the act of devouring another of our nine-week-old chicks after finding a way under our netting! Murderous intentions are obviously infectious as Kevin went on to develop all the symptoms, culminating in him sitting in one of the duck houses for almost two days, armed with his air rifle and using the carcass of our mutilated chick as bait. No luck I’m afraid as it would seem that the wild weather was working in our favour, making flying conditions virtually impossible. Even so, Kevin modified the security using lengths of red and white tape strung throughout the trees which produces a really good ‘Flap‘n’Snap’ effect, hopefully scaring the bejesus out of the feathered pest! A specially designed crow trap is winging its way as I write and hopefully, the presumably tried and tested contraption will prove more successful in ridding us of our problem. Fingers, claws and webbed-feet crossed!


At least the Muscovy mums have the right idea, staying close to the house, which now involves regular ‘snack visits’ to the kitchen door. How can we resist?


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2 Responses to “Gales, rain and continuing crow troubles.”

  1. Jenny MacRae Says:

    So sorry to hear the crow is still on the rampage……let us know if we can be of help?

    9 Ferrets by the way……starting to fur up and getting big…..

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