Murder in the glen!

First line of defence...

A ‘murder of crows’ is seemingly the correct collective term for that particular species. Well, here at Garybuie, just one crow with murderous intentions is more than enough to deal with. Over the past few days a local killer crow has flown off with three Muscovy ducklings, one of Brenda’s remaining two chicks and has devoured two of our nine-week-old chicks in situ! Some drastic defences were hurriedly put into place on Friday therefore, consisting of nets covering the ducky compound and canes scattered throughout the garden with plastic shopping bags attached, which flap and snap in the wind, hopefully deterring the beaked beast. The bag and stick method seems to work in the crofters’ war against crows at lambing time, so hopefully it will be equally effective for fowl. So far this weekend we’ve lost no more birds, although the feathered fiend is seen regularly scoping the area and we’re both in and out like  fiddlers’ elbows counting the ducklings, which don’t help themselves as they don’t stay overly close to mum(s) whilst foraging in the garden. We’ve never been so happy to lock all the birds away of an evening!

...and the second

One of the ducklings is smaller than the rest and I’m hoping that it’s the one I managed to rescue from its shell as it’s been the smallest from the get-go. I couldn’t bear the thought that a murdering crow could terminate a life which had such a difficult beginning.

Just four remaining


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