Gardens and getting soaked!

Threatening skies

Weeks ago, plans were made with our neighbours, Andy and Brian, to take a night off from B&B and travel north to Gairloch and then on to Inverewe gardens, with the intention of seeing the rhododendrons in all their glory. Of course whenever Andy and Brian are involved, it usually involves motorbikes too! The journey by bike was to be a major part of the adventure and we all got excited during the last spell of glorious weather. But, best laid plans and all that, because the weather has been anything but glorious so far this month! The forecast was for improvement however, so after a morning of dithering, we decided to go for the bike option which started out well for the first 30 minutes at any rate! Then the heavens opened for the next 40 minutes! The rest of the journey was in dry conditions, although we arrived at our destination chilled and with several soggy bits between us! A lovely meal out at ‘The Myrtle Bank Hotel’ in Gairloch lifted our spirits though and thankfully the weather was good for our visit to the gardens, even if we did get a second soaking on the way home! Anyway, I’ll let the following pictures speak for themselves…


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