Youngsters all over the place!

As promised, something pictorial involving our newly hatched chicks. After the weather was none too kind this past week for our self-catering guests, Kate and Richard, hopefully an introduction to our two-day-old chicks brought them a small ray of sunshine on the last day of their holiday!

Visitors for the new arrivals

Actually, we had a very poor success rate with this last batch of eggs. Although all were fertile at day 7, on day 17 we had to discard 10 which were undeveloped and out of the remaining eight,  six hatched, one of those not having fully absorbed the yolk sac and a second with a seriously mis-aligned leg which had to be disposed of.  Thankfully, the one with the ‘yolky’ problem seems just fine and the sac is gradually shrinking and drying up. We check every day for signs of infection but so far, things are looking good. We don’t know the reason for such a low success rate but one factor could be that at the time of selecting this particular batch of eggs, a combination of busy B&B and increased egg sales meant that lower egg numbers provided me with less  chance to select ‘the perfect egg’ . Just a theory but as soon as the incubator was free and cleaned, I selected another 20 eggs,  this time from a greater choice. Fingers crossed!

Meanwhile, the seven ducklings and two mothers are doing great! The wee ones are becoming a real handful and really do benefit from the shared parenting ploy!

Stopping off with the kids at the local fast-food joint!

Particularly when they’ve got such fast legs…!


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