A happy event!

Eight new lives!

The wait is over! After hearing cheeping emitting from the Muscovys’ house yesterday, we checked Biggles’ nest box while she was taking a brief dip in the river and we found eight ducklings! Although Puff seemed to acquire two of the latterly hatched birds for a wee while, eventually all motherly responsibilities settled firmly with Biggles.

I remember certain shared parental duties last year between the Muscovies and wonder whether the usual rule of ducklings imprinting on the first face they see upon hatching is strictly true within this species. Unlike last year’s fiasco when Biggles seemingly had no mothering instincts whatsoever – until all four of her ducklings died and she adopted Puff’s youngster that is! – this time around, she’s fiercely protective.

However, she doesn’t seem too perturbed when Puff is near or offers baby sitting services. Huff on the other hand ISN’T tolerated near her brood and consequently, he will be moving into temporary accommodation this evening!

Fierce mum!

But of course, there’s always one! When Biggles was taking the air with her new family, I took the opportunity to clear out her nest box . Among the straw, discarded shells and un-hatched eggs, there was one partially hatched, dead bird. Until it squeaked that is! Obviously left for dead and quite cold, it was a repetition of Lucky’s predicament last year. So, once again the infra-red lamp and damp J cloths came into their own as an emergency delivery unfolded. Thankfully it was successful and this morning the wee mite joined mum and its siblings. Fortunately for the latest arrival, in her new ‘perfect mother’ role, Biggles has remained indoors most of the day with her kids cosy beneath her.

Almost there!

That's better!

Exhausted, but doing well!


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3 Responses to “A happy event!”

  1. Jenny MacRae Says:

    Lovely news on the new additions! We are waiting for new arrivals here too……but the ferret kind!

  2. garybuie01 Says:

    We’d love to hear of your new arrivals – maybe you can send a picture of them, it would be nice to see some furry babies for a change!

  3. Jenny MacRae Says:

    Will do……just as well you don’t have smell-a-vision….the male, Caesar is a bit niffy!

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