Blue skies on Skye!

Almost summer!

Forget spring, this past week has been more like summer and what with Easter holiday makers and a royal wedding thrown into the mix, things have been pretty hectic here at Garybuie. The good weather has encouraged our cherry tree to blossom finally and what a sight it is, especially against a cloudless blue sky.

We had our own small celebration of that special wedding, toasting the happy couple with a few neighbours and partaking of some lunchtime ‘nuptual nibbles’!

Kevin and one of our guests, Joanna, enjoying some 'nuptual nibbles'!

With this glorious weather being hard to resist, blogging and all other chores were put on the back burner and for two days during the past week we couldn’t resist the holiday mood, one day with our motor cycling neighbours, Andy and Brian, the other by ourselves. The first occasion was what we term a ‘three hour holiday’ when we visited a beautiful bay at Ord in Sleat, the southerly peninsula of Skye. The perfect spot for a picnic and too hot for all the biking gear!

Ord, perfect spot for a picnic!


Travelling by ourselves, the second ‘holiday’ was slightly longer and we ventured to the mainland for coffee in Plockton, slightly further north on the west coast, a lovely seaside village with stunning views and perfect for people watching! It was hard to drag ourselves away but we departed on a circular route back south via Glenelg and returned to Skye not by the bridge but by the small turn-table ferry to Kylerea. We had our picnic watching the comings and goings of the ferry which travels across the straits where cattle drovers of old used to swim their beasts. It has to be the prettiest and most romantic way of reaching Skye!

Shiel Bridge en-route to Glenelg, one of the several wild fires affecting the U.K at the moment

Over the sea to Skye


Meanwhile, back at Garybuie, the chores can’t be ignored for ever, so yesterday was a busy gardening day, grass cutting and weeding being the main events. I did manage to plant out our second lot of broad beans however, along with sweet corn – a first outside – some replacement carrot seeds after failure of the last lot to germinate, more peas and our main crop potatoes. While I was working in the veg plot yesterday, one of Brenda’s three remaining chicks – yes, another death – provided me with some amusing antics involving half of a mouse!  See for yourself…

And lastly, keeping cool is the order of the day here at the moment, so the ducklings were very appreciative of their new, larger pool!

Keeping cool


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