Prelude to Easter

New family

There have been lots of ‘ooohs’ and ‘aahhhs’ over the weekend after the arrival of five chicks for Broody Brenda on Friday, to be followed by five ducklings successfully hatching in the incubator on Sunday! As ever, Brenda seems pretty pleased with her brood and must find five a lot easier to keep an eye on than her clutch of fourteen last year! Both lots of infants are doing well and thankfully the weather is pleasant for Brenda’s chicks’ outdoor life.

Sunday morning surprise!

New home

Both the milder weather and the arrival of all the new life at Garybuie spurred me into some spring-like activity in the garden on Sunday. I moved several non-too-happy shrubs including this Acer which looks just right in this sheltered corner at the front of the house rather than its previous location in a cramped chimney pot out the back. It was only in that location to protect it from strong winds which it dislikes, but hopefully this new position is protected enough as I think that the shrubbery opposite this sunny corner is mature enough now to provide shelter from those bitter easterly winds.

I also planted some more veg seeds: spinach and beetroot outside and salad, courgette, kale and savoy cabbage in the polytunnel.

After such a satisfying Sunday, Monday arrived bathed in blue sky and warmth, so after bed & breakfast duties were completed, Kevin suggested that we went out on the bike for a picnic. So we headed for Glenbrittle, at the foot of the Cuillin mountains, to enjoy a stroll along the almost deserted beach and our sandwiches in the shelter of the rocks. Perfect.

Tomorrows job!

Today, still filled with enthusiasms of a green-fingered nature, I paid a visit to the garden centre and bought a few new shrubs, some alpines for a stone trough in need of rejuvenation and a couple of new window boxes. More planting tomorrow then!

Hopefully the garden will be somewhat spruced up for our Easter guests, but I think it more likely that a certain group of yellow, webbed-footed characters who will be the star attraction!

Easter cuties



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