Words from a Wick Chick

It’s an absolutely ‘fowl’ day today with no let up so far in the wind and rain, so what better way to kill a few hours than to have a go at this blogging business? I’m one of the three Wick Chicks (where do these people get these names?) who reside at Garybuie and in fact we may have met once before as last year I was in the humiliating position of sharing a nest with a duck, ugh!! O.K. so it was my first time and I got a bit confused but not this year. Who wants to sit around for three weeks anyway, when all a bird with a brain has to do is lay some eggs in that cosy wee box in the spare coop and let that barmy Brenda do all the work!!!

And if that isn’t enough to demonstrate my superior intelligence, just look at my latest clever idea…

Shelter from the rain

The old house which used to belong to Lucky and Chance – a crazy pair of ducks who prefer to play in puddles all day – appears to be the perfect port in a storm for any hen who prefers pristine plumage. It’s just the right size, with a snack supply too! Of course the main attraction is that I can keep out-of-the-way of that clucking cockerel, a bird of excessive ‘appetites’ if you want my opinion!

P.S. I think that the only reason I’ve been allowed to have a say on this blog is that the usual blogger has gone ‘chicken’. After both the humans from here spent a lovely weekend somewhere called Stirling, celebrating the 50th birthday of a brother, Paul, the afore-mentioned chicken managed to delete ALL photographs of the occasion and decided that you’d all be bored to death with a picture-less blog! NOW who’s the bird-brain??! (She did mutter something about a ‘menopausal moment’)



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