Now something for the veggies!

First potatoes

As I don’t want to be accused of discrimination of any kind, after the previous ‘meaty’ blog, I thought I’d better write one more acceptable for the veggies out there! Yesterday I spent many hours in the garden planting more of this year’s vegetable crop and it was the perfect day for it, mild, calm and peaceful.

First on the list were our early potatoes, the ‘Charlotte’ variety, which are lovely and waxy for salads. Kevin and I are the perfect spud-planting partnership! He digs the trench: I pop in the tubers and do the backfilling. What a team! I was left to my own devices with the carrot and parsnip seeds however, probably a bit tame for Kevin, as with the pruning of our three-year-old apple and plum trees.

No beaks allowed!!

After last year’s ‘demolition-by-duck’ disaster in the veg plot, I’ve invested in some netting purposely designed as an anti-anything-with-a-beak device! Hopefully, for now, it will protect my newly planted seeds from the current beaky intruders, the hens.

Another minor outdoor chore was the replanting of a ducky-decimated hebe from the front garden. It’s now postitioned to be an eventual wind-break along one of the fence lines – on the opposite side to the ducks!! Fortunately, there’s lots of new growth so it should turn into a happy hebe!

New growth

Moving into the polytunnel, I planted more seeds: sweetcorn, parsley and radishes, as well as tomatoes in small pots to be germinated in the conservatory with some warmth. I also planted previous conservatory-dwellers, cucumbers and cos lettuce. At least the place looks like it’s got a bit more life in it now!

A wee bit more greenery

Still on the subject of growing things, fauna rather than flora this time, Broody Brenda has fallen for our ‘box within a box’ ploy and is currently sitting on about 15 eggs. Someone else who’s also taken to the nest is Biggles. We can only hope that shell be a better mother this time ‘round.

Hen in a box

Sitting comfortably

NOT the job for me!

That’s about it for all things ‘Garybuie’, but here’s a question for you! Other than cave or mountain rescue, what kind of career would require abseiling as a qualification? Well, here’s just the job, spotted today on a trip to the mainland. These guys are fitting that chain-link netting to prevent rock-falls. I’ve never actually thought about how that’s done, although I have to say, it wouldn’t be a job that I’d fancy!


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